AD-HOC: Parallel Universe

What is real; or we must ask what is a reality?


Ad-hoc means that is created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.

Just start with a day that like every day. All people here on earth waked did what is they need to do. However, there is one event that could threats our civilization. An unknowing mysterious object which found years and years ago and kept secret now is trying to contact us. 15 countries’ head immediately called for emergency Ad Hoc meeting by United Nations’ Secretary General.
What will be all we know from existence to now?


Just for 4 days Yes, there are just 4 days for all billions of billions of evolutions and thousands of developments of civilization.

What will the public say? Or can they cope with the obscurity?

Here do we come to an end or new beginning?

16 countries which produce 75% of world economy need to act and need to solve this unexpected not ever been seen crisis.