Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.

Most distinguished participants,

There was a question that I could not help asking myself over and over "what rules the world?" the answer was simple, relations. Throughout the history of humanity, social and cultural relations have established countries, and consequently, countries have established the concept of diplomacy. The Model United Nations Conferences are the only approach to transfer this knowledge to young generations.

I would like to welcome you all to the third session of Istanbul Technical University Model United Nations Conference which will be held from Tuesday, August 14, to Friday, August 17, 2018, at Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus. Istanbul Technical University, historically known as Muhendishane-i Bahr-i Humayun, is the second oldest university in Turkey. ITU is considered as the best university in the engineering field in Turkey and its Ayazaga Maslak Campus has been selected as the best campus in Turkey according to Green Metric 2018. ITUMUN'18 will take place on this wonderful campus.

Recognizing that you, delegates, are our most important key factor that makes an MUN conference valuable, we have not passed any physical or mental effort in the planning of ITUMUN'18. I am honoured to invite you to ITUMUN'18, which consists of 10 committees that we have been preparing for 2 years as Model United Nations Club of Istanbul Technical University. Our unique committees are GA-1: DISEC, ECOSOC, Human Rights Council, Futuristic WHO, Historical NATO, UNSC, JCC, Etats Generaux (French), Fethi Divan-i Konstantiniye (Turkish), and Ad-Hoc Committee: Parallel Universe.

While preparing our Committees, we promise to provide an immense knowledge on United Nations procedures, diplomatic behaviour, leadership, effective communication and group work alongside with unlimited fun and social activities that no one has experienced before!

As a conclusion, in order to solve the problems that have bedeviled the world throughout history, we are waiting for you to the most magnificent campus in Turkey in the most amazing times of summer.

Let s Bee United!!!

Yours faithfully,

Ahmet Zafer Saglik

Secretary-General, ITUMUN